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Sports betting is a hobby for true sports fans. Moreover, this hobby can make good money. If you are new to the world of online betting, it is important to understand all the intricacies. We will tell you how to bet on sports 1xBet and win some money from it.

Official site
1xBet official website

What bets does 1xbet offer

On the 1xBet official website, you can find a wide variety of online betting options. Here you are waiting for:

1xBet sports betting can be done both on the total score (on the winner) and on various statistical indicators (removals, fouls, corners, etc.). also on the site and in the application is available tote.

What is a handicap in 1xbet bets

Handicap in 1xBet is a bet on the victory of one of the opponents, taking into account the reserve or, conversely, the deduction for goals, points or statistical indicators.

There are 1xBet handicaps in the lines of many popular sports – in football, for example, you can bet on goals in the period, penalty time, shots on target, etc.

Handicap in 1xBet
Handicap in 1xBet

Handicap in 1xBet can be negative, positive and zero.

How to bet on 1xbet

In order to place a bet in 1xbet, you must:

How to bet 1xBet
How to bet on sports 1xBet

The picture above shows an example where we place a single bet on the victory of the Suwon team with odds of 2.92. The bet size is 100 EUR (potential winnings will be 2.92 x 100 = 292 EUR). You can also immediately enter the promo code if available, and then click “Place a bet”.

Basic Sports Betting Rules

In the world of online betting, it is important to know some of the rules of the game, especially if you are a beginner. Here are some of those rules and principles:

These simple rules will help you not to lose your money.

1xbet and 1xstavka are not the same

The appearance of the gaming sites of BC 1xBet and 1xstavka is so similar that many, even experienced players, often confuse them. Let’s figure it out together.

So, 1xstavka in Russia is a bookmaker that has a license from the Federal Tax Service for gambling. 1xBet is an international bookmaker licensed in Curacao.

Unfortunately, the entrance to the 1xBet website is sometimes blocked, so you have to look for workarounds – for example, a 1xBet mirror or turn on VPN. You can access the 1xstavka ru website only from the territory of Russia.

In fact, besides the outward similarity of the resources of these two bookmakers, they generally do not have much in common. They have different registration methods (1xBet has more ways to create an account), completely different bonus programs, and there are several more ways to deposit and withdraw money on the 1xBet com website.