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Our team of iGaming reviewers is ready to provide a review of the legendary game Aviator at 1xbet . The goal is to help beginners and experienced players understand the principles of the mini-game and place a winning bet. You will also find out what favorable conditions for the gaming environment the 1xbet platform offers. Ready to get closer to the sky with the addictive Aviator gambling game? Then they flew!

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aviator game 1xbet

About the game Aviator

The Aviator minigame from Spribe appeared a few years ago and quickly became a hit. Today it occupies a leading position in the list of media products of the gaming industry. Place real money bets, chat with other players online.

Spribe is an innovator in creating next-generation smart games with the best deals on the market.

Reasons to play Aviator by Spribe:

This online game is different because it determines the outcome of your bets in a whole new way. Instead of the typical slot machine symbols and paylines, this game features a plane that takes off after reaching a randomly set height factor. This number ranges from 1.00 x to 1,000,000.00 x. The higher the odds, the more you can win!

Secrets of the game Aviator: It is important to remember that you should not overdo it. Stay in a position to withdraw your bet before the plane reaches its maximum altitude. If you don’t, your money will be destroyed and you will fail. However, if you are careful and double or triple your bet 2-3 times, you will be successful.

You will be happy to know that the RTP of this game is 97%, which is higher than many popular online slots. In addition, the game runs on Provably Fair technology, which ensures that the draws are 100% fair and third-party applications cannot interfere with the system. You can check it out for yourself by clicking on any of the previous results at the top of the page. You can also play with cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Aviator game 1xbet has been tested for fairness and no external applications or technologies can affect the game.

Since mobile devices are at the center of our lives, it’s important to note that Aviator is optimized to run quickly on phones and tablets. Even if you are in an area with low speed internet, Aviator will load and play quickly and without any problems. Easily switch from desktop to mobile and enjoy your new favorite game on the go.

1xbet aviator

Below we answer the most popular question from users: “How to find the Aviator game in 1xbet?”

You can find the Aviator crash 1xbet game in the 1xgames section. Use the filter in the category “All games”> “Game Search”> Crash.

Aviator algorithm

The principles of the game Aviator 1xbet are very simple. To start playing, place a bet, you will have a preparatory period of a few seconds. You can place up to two bets at the same time. The game begins with the aircraft gaining altitude, which is also a measure of the multiplier. If you manage to cash out your winnings before the plane leaves, you will receive your bet amount multiplied by the multiplier on the screen. If you do not have time to stop the game, you will lose the bet.

The random number generator creates a multiplier that launches the game plane.

The following option is also available to you: an automatic bet, in which the bet is mechanically reset to the size of the previous one.

An important tip: before you start playing for money, familiarize yourself with the principle of the machine with a free demo version in which you can use virtual money.

Users regularly earn large sums if they read the terms and conditions carefully before starting the game. And you are no exception, start playing now!

aviator game 1xbet

Game menu

So, after you have launched the Aviator game, all the functionality is available to you. There is a drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Here the user can change the avatar, adjust the sound, music and animation. Also available is tracking active bonus bets, setting up Provably Fair to determine the outcome of the game, studying the history of bets, rules and limits.

If you don’t have access to the Aviator game, you must use a VPN. In addition, when creating an account, you must specify a different region of residence or change this characteristic after logging into the player profile.

Check the integrity of any round

You can check the fairness of each game session by clicking on the green button in the menu on the left. In the window that opens, you will see the server seed, 3 player seeds, the combined hash and the result of the round.

Game features

The game menu allows you to chat with other players and see their bets and winnings in real time. In addition, you have access to the last odds history as well as your betting history. To win, you must use and understand the principles of these features.

Social adaptation

This game has the concept of a social network. All players bet on the same plane but can withdraw their winnings whenever they want. The list of current players is displayed on the left side of the screen. As the plane advances, you can see when each player decides to leave the current round. Will you follow them or risk waiting for the multiplier to increase?

Custom chat

The in-game chat allows like-minded people to chat and enjoy an exciting game. Trade jokes, encourage each other and forge new friendships in this exciting slot.

aviator game

Freebets Aviator

From time to time, freebets appear in the chat, which you can request and place a bet for free. It is enough to click on the “Get” button faster than the others. Sometimes players can even trigger the Rain Promo from free bets by entering an amount and choosing how much to drop.

live betting

Have you ever wondered what other players are doing in the game you are playing? Aviator has a “Live Bet” feature that allows you to see how much you are betting and whether other players are winning. It’s on the panel on the left.

Live statistics

Want to know how competitive you are? With Aviator you can check your high score to see if you are competing at the highest level with other players. Get daily, monthly and absolute ranking results. The function is also in the left panel. There is a filter by bid type (all bids / your bids / best bids).

RTP and volatility

The Aviator game has a relatively good RTP win rate of 97%. Since the game is based on the “player control” philosophy, this means that you make decisions and ultimately you can change the outcome or instability of the game. The faster you withdraw your winnings, the lower the risk or volatility of the game.

Aviator Game Secrets: Don’t forget to analyze your real-time odds history to help you make your next bet a success.

Aviator 1xbet strategy

Since Aviator is a relatively new online game on the market, there are no significant winning strategies for 100% profit yet. Why? Because it is based on a random number generator. The plane can crash at 1.01X three times in a row, or fly at 50x, then 40x, then 140x. Nothing is predictable and that’s what makes the game so amazing. However, there are several strategic tactics that we will discuss below.

Remember that you have the ability to place multiple bets at once? An example of using two bets is to get odds in your favor. Place the first bet of 0.1 mBTC and the second bet of 0.2 mBTC and set the “Auto Cashout” option to 1.50x.

The goal is for the larger bet to cover the smaller bet and let the smaller bet try to make a profit. The big second bet will automatically pay out when the multiplier/odds reaches the 1.50x you specified, which should cover everything you bet on.

Secrets of the Aviator Game: Since it has been observed that aircraft seem to take off when the multiplier/multiplier is in the range of 1.10x to 1.40x, you can keep volatility low by towing within that range. You can also use the automatic payment option for this.

Aviator game in 1xbet

Before you learn how to play Aviator properly, it’s important to find the best place to play. The simulator is usually available at casinos and bookmakers that are licensed to allow gambling. After several tests, we have come to the conclusion that 1xbet is the best place to play.

1xbet has long established itself as a reliable and secure platform. You will be able to find direct access to the Aviator game right in the menu bar. Stop waiting! It’s time to follow the link and start the game right now. To start the game you need to register an account. You can do this according to our instructions.

1xbet meets all the criteria for an ideal online platform. He says about it:

Transaction systems offer a range of security features such as user protection, fraud protection, and data encryption to prevent your account from being misused.


Aviator is a breath of fresh air with its multiplayer approach to gambling. Not only is it innovative, but it also offers an interactive gambling development perspective that is still so rare. You can try to play for free as the slot has a built-in demo mode. To enjoy the game, you must play responsibly. Ready to feel like a pilot? Then start your first flight in Aviator!

Frequently asked questions about Aviator

What is the total duration of one round?

The duration of the round is determined by the value of the multiplier. As the multiplier increases, the round does not end. During this time, the potential profit increases.

What is the minimum bet in Aviator?

You can play Aviator for real money with a minimum bet of 0.1 USD.

What is the maximum bet in Aviator Spribe?

The maximum bet is 100 USD.

What is the maximum win you can get for one bet?

10000 USD.

Will I receive my profit?

You are guaranteed funds if you choose to play a secure game on the 1xbet site. You already know how we evaluate and select the best online establishments. It is enough to follow our link to the bookmaker’s page.

Is it safe to play Aviator?

Aviator is a licensed gambling game from a trusted provider. Spribe is authorized to run gambling software. This guarantees the use of RNG (Random number generation), which ensures 100% game fairness.