Training opportunity for the De-bushing Advisory Services Capacity development project

Training opportunity for the De-bushing Advisory Services Capacity development project

Bush encroachment is one of the biggest threats facing farming in Namibia and must be tackled to recover the condition and productivity of natural rangelands essential to extensive animal production systems. This can be achieved sustainably if the bush biomass accumulating during bush thinning is used to produce valuable products such as charcoal, animal fodder or wood chips, thereby giving land managers the financial scope to start rehabilitating degraded rangelands. This process is knowledge-intensive, hence the mission of De-bushing Advisory Service (DAS) to generate appropriate knowledge and disseminate it as much as possible to help Namibia’s AFOLU (Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use) sector overcome the challenge of bush encroachment.

Against this background, the De-Bushing Advisory Service implements a Capacity Development Project and is offering a training opportunity to officials working in the bush control and biomass utilisation (BCBU) sector and to unemployed, young graduates in natural resource management.  The mission of Project is to grow and strengthen capacities for bush control in Namibia, specifically for graduates in natural resource management. An important component capacity development project is to train trainers who can in turn train others, such as farm workers and land managers, to multiply the dissemination of knowledge and skills effectively in the biomass sector. Two teams of 20-25 trainers will be trained theoretical and practical in July (22-26) and August (12-16) 2019, in Okahandja at the Andreas Kukuri Conference Centre and a nearby farm. Later this year, a follow up session in October and November will take place where trainees will be mentored when they offer training themselves to farm workers in the BCBU sector, thus gaining hands-on experience of being a trainer. This training component of DAS is called the “Training-of-Trainers” (ToT).

ToT training targets employed as well as unemployed people for participation. Officials of institutions serving the biomass sector, such as government extension and forestry officials, staff members of advisory services (e.g. AgriBank Agri-Advisory Services, Agra ProVision, etc.), agricultural unions and private training institutions (e.g. Komeho, Cheetah Conservation Foundation, etc.), are targeted to participate in ToT training to improve the capacity of their institutions and advice the sector. ToT training also targets currently unemployed individuals with a natural resource management background, an interest in woody biomass utilisation or form SMEs to work in the sector. Training of graduates and stimulating job creation helps to reduce youth unemployment in addition to building the biomass sector.

De-bushing Advisory Service hereby invites young, unemployed graduates with a tertiary qualification in natural resource management to apply for the ToT training.

If you are interested in this training opportunity, please send your electronic application to including your CV, full contact details, a scanned copy of your tertiary qualification(s) as well as a brief letter motivating why you want to participate in the ToT training programme. Selection of candidates will be based mainly on their personal motivation and circumstances, so make sure you describe these well. Please submit your application before 25 June 2019.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted shortly after the application deadline to arrange logistics. Training, accommodation and meals will be free of charge, but the candidate has to travel to Okahandja at own expense. Training participants are expected to commit to later mentoring (in October/November) as well.

Please use this opportunity to further your career and personal development.


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