[trx_title type=”1″ style=”underline” align=”center”]Our Services [/trx_title] [trx_dropcaps style=”1″]The De-bushing Advisory Service is tailored to your needs. In 2015, a survey was undertaken to identify the advisory requirements on the topic of bush encroachment and value additon across the country. This survey has served as a foundation for the following service portfolio that we have developed for you:[/trx_dropcaps] [trx_gap] [/trx_gap]
[trx_accordion style=”1″ counter=”off” large=”off” initial=”1″] [trx_accordion_item title=”Technical advice on bush encroachment “]
  • Asses quantity of bush encroachment
  • Harvesting techniques and equipment
  • Facilitate product development and value chain development
[/trx_accordion_item] [trx_accordion_item title=”Environmental advice”]
  • Assist in outreaching policies and regulations
  • Knowledge on bush encroachment and bush control
  • Facilitating the drafting and of Environmental Management Plan(EMP)
[/trx_accordion_item] [trx_accordion_item title=”Business advice”]Industry promotion through support of business plan development and Provide financial guidance [/trx_accordion_item] [trx_accordion_item title=”Implementation”]
  • Advice on project implementation
  • Impact monitoring and evaluation
[/trx_accordion_item] [trx_accordion_item title=”Monitoring & evaluation of bush Encroachment”]
  • Production of Baseline Definition
  • Development of bush information system
[/trx_accordion_item] [trx_accordion_item title=”Finance”]
  • Outreaching of potential funding opportunities and engagement with funding sources.
  • Application and compliance support services
[/trx_accordion_item] [trx_accordion_item title=”Facilitate Research Gaps to fill gaps”]
  • Technical Research
  • Product Research
  • Research and development
[/trx_accordion_item] [trx_accordion_item title=”Compliment /strengthen existing advisory services”]
  • Train of Trainers
  • Capacity Buliding
  • Development of Training Materials
  • Mentoring personnel
[/trx_accordion_item] [/trx_accordion]
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