Our Services

We offer a range of services to our target groups, namely farmers, businesses and other bush control stakeholders.

Compliment and strengthen existing advisory services

Training of trainers

Capacity Development

Environmental advice

Assist in raising awareness of forest policies and regulations

Advice on knowledge of bush encroachment and bush control

Facilitating the drafting of generic Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

Advice to government on unsustainable or ineffective bush control practices

Monitoring & evaluation of bush encroachment

Provision of baseline data

Development of bush monitoring system (Bush Information System)

Reporting on national de-bushing efforts, both to stakeholders and to government

Linkage to bush harvesting and bush control service providers

Referrals to bush control service providers

Referrals to bush harvesting equipment suppliers

Facilitate research

Product development research

Technical research

Case study based research

Technical advice on bush encroachment and bush control

Assessing quantity of bush encroachment

Advice on appropriate harvesting techniques and equipment

Advice on after care practices

Development of pre bush control feasibility study

Advice on value chains and facilitate development of new value added products/opportunities from bush

Development of demonstration / training sites for rangeland management, bush control, value chain and aftercare training standards

Development of training materials on bush encroachment, bush control and value addition

Implementation assistance

Advice on bush control project implementation/site setup

Field impact monitoring and evaluation on bush control activities

Linkage to finance opportunities

Information sharing about potential funding opportunities and engagement with funding sources.
Referrals to financial services providers
Referrals to financial advisory services
Application and compliance support services