Risk analysis and mitigation measures for HIV/AIDS in bush control operations

The National HIV/AIDS prevalence rate is currently at 16.9 % according to Ministry of Health and Social Services , which shows a high infection rate among people in Namibia. It is crucial to educate and raise awareness on the risks and impacts of HIV/AIDS   for each bush harvesting and biomass utilisation operation.

Sector organizations are encouraged to implement mitigation measures and educate workers on HIV/AIDS related risks. Gender considerations should be included especially on the safety of women and other related health risks.  Operations for bush thinning should be decentralised to source the labour within areas of operation. The bush control sector is dominated by men and labour migration is likely to be one of the major drivers for spreading HIV/AIDS.

Fostering inclusion of women in the sector could be achieved by improving labour and living conditions in bush control operations. In an attempt to mainstream HIV/AIDS in bush control operations, the 2017 Bush harvesting guidelines booklet recommends that education on HIV/AIDS, health and safety measures be included in bush harvesting operations.

Read more on mitigation measures here


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