Quantifying harvestable encroacher bush

Many attempts at restoring bush thickened areas have proven to be unsuccessful.  Results are the loss of beneficial woody plant species and re-growth, often resulting in a state that is worse than before treatment.

A study by scientists from the University of Free State, Desert Research Foundation of Namibia and others, which presented an analysis of a suitable methodology for quantifying Namibian encroacher. The authors explain how the bush-grass equilibrium can be restored through targeted bush thinning using a direct method such as the “measurement of bush biomass” and an indirect method such as the “allometric regression equations”. The primary data collection was conducted in north-western parts of Otjiwarongo, where eight commercial farms took part in the study representing an area of 45 000ha in total. An enormous amount of 36 tonnes of biomass per hectare was found of which one third of this biomass can be harvested in a sustainable manner.

To read more on how to calculate biomass on your area, download the Brochure here or the full Study here.


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