Launch of Bush Expert Decision Support System and Bush Control Manual

Launch of Bush Expert Decision Support System and Bush Control Manual

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Today, we launched the Expert Decision Support System booklet on how to control bush thickening by Acacia Mellifera and the Bush Control Manual. The publications were launched by the Director of Forestry, Joseph Hailwa at the National Rangeland Management and Bush Encroachment Forum held at Agra Ring in Windhoek. During his brief remarks, Hailwa emphasised for the use of these publications in dealing with bush control and envisages an outreach campaign to the end-users.

Both publications were developed by Namibian rangeland experts, and provide farmers with information on how to control bush encroachment on their rangelands. Specifically, with an emphasis on bush control and aftercare measures to avoid the cycle of bush encroachment, bush control and back to bush encroachment. The publications will further be utilised by Agricultural Extension Services and advisory services in the country to reach out to farmers on the implementation of sustainable bush control and rangeland management.

Get your free copy of the Manual at our De-bushing Advisory Service office in  9 Haydn street, Windhoek West or download it below.

Bush control Manual

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