Different after care methods can be used depending on the type of plant species removed:

  • Biological Control– a way of using natural control measures such as introducing types of insect or browsers in the environment to eradicate the remaining aspect of the invader bush.
  • Chemical method- (Use of Herbicides – This method involves application of herbicides immediately after harvesting the encroacher bush ,this type of method is implemented immediately after harvesting the encroacher bush. There different types of herbicides in the market and can be used for short term in controlling bush…
  • Browsers–     use of browsers such as goats and sheep to graze the recently cleared area. This technique was evidently successful when applied to scotch broom species.
  • Rotational grazing and field resting– rotational grazing is based on short grazing periods followed by a long rest. Desired perennial grasses are grazed selectively to ensure and maintain a vigorous grass cover that has the advantage in respect of moisture in the upper layers of the soil. >>> Read More