There are very few institutions in Namibia who provide financing products for bush thinning and bush control initiatives. We are currently in the process of identifying institutions which provide business advisory services to those who are active or wanting to engage in de-bushing.  This service will include the facilitation of access to finance and development of a viable business proposal.  You can approach the following institutions for financing:

  • Agribank –Agribank provides financing products to all value chain actors but largely for chemical and labour based harvesting activities.
  • FNB Agri-FNB has a bush control specific product to support farmers in increasing livestock carrying capacity.
  • Standard Bank- Standard bank provides bush control financing products to all farmers and business in the primary and secondary value chains.
  • EIF-Supports individuals’ projects and communities to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources.
  • DBN- Provides a financial product for all bush thinning activities be it harvesting or production.
  • Ned Bank- Go Green fund provides support to conservation projects and use sustainable resources to help improve livelihoods.