How to manage bush regrowth

How to manage bush regrowth

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The importance of aftercare is should not be compromised after bush thinning. Aftercare is essential to keep the rangeland in a productive state. Proper monitoring of coppicing buds and emerging woody seedlings should be done to decide when aftercare is required. The intensity of regrowth varies greatly, depending on the species involved, the amount of soil disturbance created during bush thinning and local rainfall conditions.

Various methods are in use to manage the regrowth of bush following harvesting. These include hand application of arboricides, stem burning and intensive browsing by goats or browsers. The judicious use of fire can also be considered as a preventative rather than a curative measure to prevent young seedlings from growing. Any form of bush thinning must be linked to a sustainable rangeland management programme because the removal of any infestation is not a once off event. In such way, the area would be able to provide a broad range of ecosystem services on a sustainable basis and maintain its healthy status.

Preventing bush regrowth following harvesting activities is achieved by hand application of arboricides or folier spraying of coppicing bush, intensive browsing by goats or antelopes, stem burning and judicious use of fire.

More on aftercare can be found in the Bush Control Manual


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