High-level Talk on Benefits of Biomass for Namibia

How can Namibia realise the benefits of bush biomass in the context of climate change and economic development? This was the guiding question in a high-level talk at NUST today. The event was hosted by the Environmental Economics Network of Namibia (EENN) in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) / Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT) Bush Control and Biomass Utilisation Project (BCBU). Two policy briefs were launched at this event. Read the full press release here.

You can access the newly launched policy briefs here:

Animal Feed and Charcoal Policy Brief: https://www.dasnamibia.org/download/brochures/GIZ-BCBU-PolicyBrief-CharcoalAnimalFeed-May20.pdf

Climate Policy Brief: https://www.dasnamibia.org/download/policies/Climate-Policy-Brief.PDF

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