N-BiG Encroacher Bush Business Plan Competition

N-BiG Encroacher Bush Business Plan Competition

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The Namibia Biomass industry Group (N-BiG) welcomes all interested parties to the Business Plan
Competition 2018. It stimulates innovativeness for encroacher bush utilization and value chain addition in
Namibia. The novelty and quality of the idea, the strength of the management team and execution strategy
of the proposed business, as well as the clarity and persuasiveness of the written plan all influence the
judges’ decisions.

Please read the following instructions carefully and make sure you understand the process applied. N-BiG
wishes all entrants the best of luck!


The Business Plan Competition is open to all (individuals or teams), who seek to further their
entrepreneurial skills as well as develop their business idea into a viable biomass business plan. The
business should be to operate from within Namibia.

Team work is encouraged as the compilation of a business plan can be a more rewarding and successful
experience if shared with others and chances for success are higher if the founding team has complimentary
knowledge and skills. The names and details of all individuals involved in any business plan must be made
available to N-BiG. Every individual may only be part of one submission irrespective of whether it is as an
individual or team submission.

The competition aims to foster innovation in Namibia and global competitiveness of Namibian biomass

Therefore, the following rules apply:
1. Market research and competitive analysis have to go beyond Namibia. At a minimum, Southern Africa
has to be covered, including key global competitors if they are active in Southern Africa.
2. Business plans have to be prepared by the participants personally. Business plans that have been
prepared by consultants or others will be excluded.
3. Business plans, which already form the basis of a currently trading business operating will not be
4. Business plans that involve creating a subsidiary, franchise, distribution or sales outlet for foreign
companies are not eligible for participation.

Please download the Business plan template here

Deadline for submissions is on the 4th January 2019
Individuals/teams are to submit their business plan by using templates provided by N-BiG by no later than
4thJanuary 2019.

Submissions to be made in soft copy (PDF) via email to f.baur@n-big.org.
Keep in mind and plan accordingly: Entries submitted later than 4th January 2019 will not be considered!

N-BiG reserves the right to disqualify any entry in the event of violation of the terms and conditions.

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