Download the pocket guide for bush-based animal feed production

The De-bushing Advisory Service is pleased to kick off this year with the bush-based animal feed campaign to promote the value chain. This will particularly address the lack of know-how and accessible and safer rations on a budget and with adequate nutrition for animals. 

During the nine weeks period of the campaign, we will be sharing with you the eight steps for bush-based animal feed production and success stories on the value chain. We are also excited to announce that the development of the Bush Feed Formulation App is in its final stage, a software that allows users to create their own animal feed rations on a budget.  The App will feature an exclusive milled bush library for cattle and will be free for basic users.

The campaign is supported by the Bush Control and Biomass Utilisation Project, a bilateral project between the Namibian and German governments, implemented by GIZ in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism.  

Download the pocket guide for bush-based animal feed production here

Watch our social media space for regular updates on the initiative!

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