DAS visit to Farm Hummelshain

The shortage of unpredictable and very cryptic rainfall in Namibia for the past years has exacerbated the drought dilemma faced by Namibian farmers. Leaving only plains of land with little or no grass at all for livestock, while endorsing the manifestation of bushes which thrive well under such environmental stress. But the question lies with us “How do we unravel this conundrum?”, well there are so many answers to this question and one of them is TURNING THE BUSHES INTO AN OPPORTUNITY through the production of bush-based animal feed.

Due to animal feed scarcity in the country, some farmers have realised the opportunity of producing animal feed from the encroacher bushes and Farm Hummelshain is not an exception. On the 03th May 2019 The Debushing Advisory Service (DAS) team visited Farm Hummelshain and was very impressed with the animal feed production at this farm as this sets a very good example to other farmers to make use of the bush resources on their land in order to safeguard livestock productivity.

Farm Hummelshain Is using a BOS-TOT-COS Machine as it can be seen in the picture, which does everything (all-in-one) to produce animal feed from the encroacher bush. Their animals are supplemented with the bush feed and doing very well despite the harsh drought.  


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