Charcoal Technology Demonstration, Okahandja

Charcoal Technology Demonstration, Okahandja

A demonstration of a mobile retort kiln was held on the 07th June by Dagmar Honsbein and Jürgen Redecker in Okahandja district at farm Westfallenohof. The pilot kicked off earlier this year in March testing three different kilns using different encroacher wood species of Acacia mellifera(Senegalia mellifera), Acacia reficiens(Vachellia reficiens) and Sickle bush. Honsbein also noted that they will run some tests using Colophospermum mopane. The kiln is a double wall kiln, where the wood is not ignited but is baked and this produces less smoke emission. This technology is aimed at modernising charcoal production through minimal environmental effects, higher efficiency and better charcoal quality and yields. Although the tests have not yet been concluded, it is projected that the final outcomes will be presented at the Namibia Charcoal Association’s Annual general meeting and conference on 11 August 2017. The event was attended by number of charcoal producers, NCA, representatives from MITSMED and GIZ.


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  • Dawid Shifotoka
    July 17, 2017 7:17 am

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I have been a charcoal producer for 10 years and I want to modernize my operation. I have difficulties in finding overseas buyers. Can DAS Namibia help or must I be a member of DAS first.


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