Call for Sponsorship and Exhibitors

What is the Biomass Fair 2021?

Standard Bank’s Biomass Fair 2021 (BF 2021) is an event tailored towards the blossoming biomass sector in Namibia and the region at large. For the first time, the Biomass Fair platform is taking place over four days, comprising a Research Symposium (3 June 2021), an Industry Conference and Networking Dinner (4 June 2021), and the Expo (4 – 6 June 2021), we have come to expect. Each specific event is targeted, and has a specific purpose, with the overall aim of formalising and promoting the budding biomass industry in Namibia.

Standard Bank’s Biomass Fair 2021 will be taking place at the Otjiwa Safari Lodge, 40 km south of Otjiwarongo, along the B1 highway, offering a modern conferencing venue and ideal surroundings for biomass product and technology showcasing and field demonstrations. The venue is also in the bush encroachment heartland of Namibia, providing the perfect setting for an engaging event.

Format & Expectations

Standard Bank’s Biomass Fair 2021 is expected to engage over 3 000 visitors across its three-day format, with the following exciting array of activities:

Due to COVID-19 regulations we might not be able to host big groups and therefore opted for a digital streaming solution. The presentations will be streamed worldwide to accommodate all international visitors

  • Research Symposium, 3 June – the first day will kick off with a symposium to get the creative juices flowing. The applied research focus will ensure relevance to a wide audience, and with over 15 local and international speakers, will offer presentations on cutting edge research on biomass related topics.
  • Networking Evening, 4 June – the evening will offer a targeted networking platform, specifically for biomass buyers and sellers to engage with one another, in a relaxed setting, with drinks and warm atmosphere. Buyers will be specifically targeted to attend, and serious sellers will be targeted. For reservations per table (10 or 6 persons), contact Roelien, +264 81 124 0081
  • Industry Conference, 4 June – the second day will set the gears in motion, with the focus being on industry, including markets, technologies, products, and services. The conference will host over 15 high level speakers from Namibia and abroad, to engage the audience with trends and opportunities.
  • NCA’s AGM, 5 June – The Annual General Meeting of the Namibia Charcoal Association will be held from 8:00 to 10:00.
  • Expo, 4 – 6 June – the ultimate biomass showcase event, hosting over 120 exhibitors, product and technology demonstrations. The best way to wrap up the Biomass Fair 2021. Family friendly, with food and beverages on offer. This event will see crowds of people from far and wide attend, accompanied by media.

Previous Events

Biomass Technology Expo 2019

The Biomass Technology Expo 2019 attracted over 120 exhibitors and over 1 500 visitors on 9 August 2019. It received high praise from its exhibitors and guests alike, leaving many surprised by the scale and attendance of the event.

Biomass Technology Demonstration Day 2018

The BTDD 2018 attracted 300 visitors and 30 exhibitors, on 20 October 2018. This was the pilot event, planned to test the interest of the biomass sector. It was deemed a success, as it proved there was interest, both from local and international exhibitors, as well as from the general public. 

Event Partners

This year’s event partners are:

  • Namibia Biomass industry Group
  • Namibia Charcoal Association
  • De-bushing Advisory Service
  • Namibia University of Science and Technology
  • GIZ-MAWF Bush Control and Biomass Utilisation Project
  • Kickstart Namibia
  • Mikel-Jes Music Production

Becoming a Sponsor

Standard Bank’s Biomass Fair 2021 is in need of strategic sponsorship partners for the new and improved event format. This year’s event is bigger and better – and needs strategic sponsors who see the biomass industry for what it is, a huge growth opportunity for the country and the region.

Standard Bank’s Biomass Fair 2021 Sponsors will form part of a targeted, high-impact and pioneering event. The event has already grown beyond Namibia’s borders, and as such, this year’s iteration will gain even more exposure on a regional level, with specific focus on the Southern African Development Community.

Sponsors will gain exposure through a variety of platforms, including pre-event, event, and post-event event marketing efforts, including television and radio coverage, print media, digital media, and others. Not only that, the sponsors will be given opportunities to address and engage the event participants at various points throughout the format.

Sponsorship tiers offer a package that suits each sponsors’ specific needs, as follows.

Sponsorship Packages

* Exhibitors are limited to 2 persons per stand

* 2 x all-event passes (excluding Networking dinner tickets)

* Financial support is based on ONE WAY distance from origin to event, AS THE CROW FLIES.

SADC exhibitors R 2.40/km one way, as the crow flies. (SADC includes Namibia)

Support is only payable after attending the event

Invoices need to be sent to: Biomass Fair, PO Box 314, Windhoek, Namibia, Att: Klaudia

An ATM will be available on site

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