Bush-to-Feed trials ongoing

Bush-to-Feed trials ongoing

Bush-to-Feed is a promising opportunity for bush utilisation. It combines the benefits of bush control with increased food security of farmers and communities.

In cooperation with the NAFOLA forestry project (UNDP), the Support to De-bushing Project currently carries out comprehensive production and feeding trials at three pilot sites in Namibia. The aim is to establish the overall viability of the concept as well as to produce clear step-by-step guidelines for interested farmers and businesses.

In Otjozondjupa, the project collaborates with a Conservancy to test bush-to-feed under real life conditions. While the Conservancy Committee has the overall responsibility for the project, individual farmers volunteered to take part in the initiative.

Currently, bush is harvested on a daily basis, mixed with supplements and the selected animals are fed. The animals are monitored closely and their overall health and weights recorded. First indications are that the feed helps to not only maintain the animals, but to achieve weight gains.

A public launch of the pilot project is currently underway.Information about the date and venue will be communicated on this site. Get in touch with us if you are farmer/business and with an interest to produce bush feed.

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