Bush thinning prospects for rangeland restoration and increased agricultural productivity in NDP5

The newly launched National Development Plan 5 is a series of seven plans to implement and achieve the objectives and aspirations of Namibia’s long term vision – Vision 20130.

NDP5 has four key goals, namely to Achieve inclusive, sustainable and equitable economic growth; Build capable and healthy human resources; Ensure sustainable environment and enhance resilience; and Promote good governance through effective institutions.

To achieve the objectives of increasing food security and enhancing agro-processing especially through value addition, NDP5 priorities include increased agricultural land productivity, restoration of encroached land through bush thinning and value chain development for commercialisation of products.

To achieve the target of restoration of rangelands, bush thinning has been highlighted as a measure with an annual target of 82 200 hectares to be bush thinned. Furthermore, a bush-based industry is envisaged to create a total of 17 600 jobs and 460 enterprises through value addition initiatives such as charcoal, animal feed, firewood and woodchips for both local use and export.

Bush thinning and bush control further contributes to land degradation efforts, as referenced in the Plan, a set of priorities will be implemented to strengthen sustainable land management by achieving land degradation neutrality, the restoration of bush encroached land is one of the measures.

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