Bush Information System field data collection survey

Bush Information System field data collection survey

Bush Encroachment has been identified by the United Nation’s Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) as one of the leading indicators for land degradation. In addition, there has been a reduction in carrying capacity of rangeland in most parts of Namibia. In order to support evidence-based decisions and planning on the extent of bush encroachment/woody cover in the country the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) in support of GIZ Bush Control and Biomass Utilisation Project is in process of developing a nationwide Bush Information System (BIS).


The Bush information System is expected to develop woody cover products for monitoring and planning of bush thinning activities. As the envisaged BIS tool will be a National tool, the system will be open to public access and will provide update information to stakeholders, farmers on bush encroachment and biomass resources.

The project is the phase of data collection, during the period of 02 May to 17 May 2019 there will be a team of surveyors visiting 120 validation sites around the country and will be collecting data and flying a small area with drones, including capturing vegetation parameters.


Based on this background we kindly request that you grant the field observers access to your farms/property to collect data for the woody cover products.


We thank you for your support in this regard, if you have further questions please contact Mr. Paulus Shikongo at paulus.shikongo@mawf.gov.na cell:+264 0811599097 or Ms. Loise Iiyambo at loise.iiyambo@giz.de, cell:+264 0816366705.


Image: © GIZ / Tim Brunauer

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