De-bushing Advisory Service Namibia

We are a national information platform and focal point for questions relating to bush control and value addition opportunities for bush encroachment. We address information needs of famers interested in bush control and biomass utilisation and connect operators of and investors in bush biomass operations.

Farmer’s Tools

Find our developed tools which provide hands on practical guidance on the control of bush encroachment, through bush control.


Find our published resources and other information material on bush enroachment. Find these studies and brochures here, as well as important policies and relevant external studies.


Our FAQ consists of categories and is constantly being expanded. We’re always interested in receiving and answering your questions. Please use our contact form to send them to us.

Additional Information

We have a list of contact details for the following categories: Value Chain Contacts, Harvesting Equipment Suppliers, Debushing Service Providers, and Financing Products and Grants.

Decision Support System (DSS)

Online guidance tool to control Acacia mellifera.

Recent News

Using FFA to Formulate Bush Feed Rations

Due to frequent droughts in Namibia, there has been an increasing number of farmers producing bush-to-feed and a higher number of them are willing to venture into bush-to-feed production enterprises. However, it must be stressed that bush-based animal feed production is complex and if implemented wrongly, the health and life of animals are in danger.…
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Capitalising Bush Biomass Quantification in Namibia

Namibia’s woody biomass industry has endured many years without standardised quantification methods. Due to that, woody biomass assessments were done through unknown methods across Namibia, and this prompted the development of a standardised model (Biomass Quantification Tool (BQT)), that is easy to use and very specific for the estimation of woody biomass in Namibia, a…
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Reporting on the Bush Biomass Sector Survey findings

The Namibian bush biomass sector is a growing sector and has the potential to significantly contribute to the national economy through the establishment and strengthening of both domestic and international value chains and corresponding employment creation. Namibia Biomass Industry Group (N-BiG) through its advisory service DAS carried out farm-level survey in 2019 where about 213…
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